Our Products


Brand New Generators

We are an official distributor of original Cummins brand generator. As such, we have access to the whole range and configurations of Cummins generators. Be careful of others out there marketing themselves as selling Cummins brand generators. Some of the generators they sell will not be serviced by Cummins as they are unlicensed.

Refurbished Generators

We have in our inventory a range of high quality refurbished generators. We check every inch of all generators we have to make sure they are in perfect running condition. This option is perfect for customers who want reliable generators at a fraction of the cost.

Generator Parts

We maintain an active inventory of parts for a wide array of generator models. This allows us to service our customers as soon as possible whenever their generators have problems. No more waiting for parts to arrive from another country leaving you stuck with a non-working generator for months at a time.

Supporting Equipment

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) / Manual Transfer Switch (MTS)

We provide both manual and automatic transfer switches to transition from backup electricity to mains (power grid) electricity. Need minimal delay when transferring to generator during a brownout? Our ATS equipment will automatically detect a loss of power, turn on the generator, and transfer to the generator within seconds. This solution is best for businesses with critical operations such as call centers and malls.


Have complex backup electricity requirement that needs multiple generators? Our generator paralleling equipment is designed to as configurable as possible while still being easy to operate.