Our Services

Generator Repair

We repair all major generator brands. Our expertise has been proven time and time again having been able to solve problems that has stumped our competitors. For generators that are really in a bad shape, we can choose to overhaul the engine or rewind the alternator returning it to “brand new” performance.

Generator Installation

We provide all civil work related to generator installations. This includes:

  • Fuel tank fabrication and fuel line routing
  • Sound-proofing
  • Wiring and wire routing
  • Exhaust pipe routing and ducting
  • Transfer pump installation

Preventive Maintenance

We perform periodic maintenance to check our customers generators to ensure that they are working optimally. We also use these periodic check-up sessions to preemptively detect issues even before they occur.

Generator Rentals

We also have multiple generators ready for renting out to customers. Each one is in a soundproof container for easy placement at the customer premises. We provide all the necessary people and equipment to help you install and run the generator that you rented.

Load Bank Rentals

To test a purchased generator to its limit, load bank testing is highly recommended. By using load banks, more complex scenarios can be tested without actually using your existing electrical infrastructure. This is also recommended for stress testing the generator near or at its limit.